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Myanmar New Year Good Merit-makers scene
Source : Popular News Journal

Latest News
  • Yangon Division Government Opened Thingyan Pavilion Ceremony
  • Greenwich Standard Strange Show Displayed A Myanmar Citizen
  • Days The Closer to Full Moon Tabaung, Pilgrims The More Crowded Full in Huts of Shwe Set Taw
  • Narrow River Took Time Long For Shuttles Run in Mandalay-Bamaw Route
  • 3-Storeyed 44 Rooms “Karaweik Floating Hotel” To Finish This Month
  • Su Foundation To Open By Daw Aung San Su Kyi & Michelyo
  • Over 20 Researchers & Uni. Grads Found Go-to-serve As HK House-maids
  • Tourists Visit Many More to South Myeik Archipelago
  • Demand Accept Refugees Again By Bangladesh PM, Myanmar President Banned
  • “Maung Kone Village Ayarwady Bank” Local Residents Badly Suffered from Smell & Sewage Extracted by Great Wall Factories of “Sugar” and “Ethanol”
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